Maria V. Kondaurova, Ph.D.

Research Interests


I'm Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences, University of Louisville. My long-term research goals focus on understanding  the cognitive mechanisms that underlie spoken language acquisition, using quantitative experimental methods to uncover these mechanisms and describe them within framework of linguistic and psychological theory. My research program can be considered in terms of two parallel project areas: (a) how  linguistic (acoustic) properties of maternal speech input to normal-hearing and hearing-impaired infants and children who received cochlear implants or hearing aids affect language acquisition and learnability and (b) how linguistic experience determines non-native listeners' ability to extract phonetic information from acoustic signal and form phonological categories based on this information. Thus, I'm interested in understanding how language acquisition is affected by both  "bottom up" (i.e. hearing impairment in L1 learners) and "top down" (i.e., influence of the native language in L2 learners) sources.


Assistant Professor

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences,

317 Life Sciences Building,

University of Louisville,

Louisville, KY 40292